28 Jun

This is my very first post on my hometown, Vietnam and Vietnamese culture.

Even though my English is not very good and surely not as beautiful as what I am trying to describe, I hope that it would at least help those who have interest in cultures and Vietnam to know more about my beloved hometown. ^^


colorful dragonflies ^^

colorful dragonflies

What is a bamboo dragonfly?

– Simple answer:  It’s a dragonfly made from bamboo.

What is so special about it?

– Let’s see, it’s cheap, but handmade, beautiful, colorful, well- designed and… “can fly” on anything ^^

Amazing isn’t it? 🙂

A red dragonfly lands on my finger :)

A red dragonfly lands on my finger 🙂

Actually, they can’t “fly” like the real ones but as long as you know how to do it right, place them wherever you like, they would land on it, and “fly” around it as the wind blows.

As long as a bamboo dragonfly’s beak is on a specific surface or point, it would never fall, just like a real one.

How are they made?

– Simply speaking, they are TOTALLY handmade from bamboo.

These dragonflies are made from tough and insect-proof bamboo from places like Hòa Bình, Hà Giang in northern Vietnam.

It looks simple but the making process is very complicated and sophisticated.

The body and the wings are crafted separately, then the wings are attached to the body by plugging into very small holes on the body’s sides. After that, the craftsman have to place the dragonfly on a chopstick’s head to test its balance ability. Adjustment would be made until the bamboo dragonfly can balance perfectly on its beak. Afterward, the craftsman uses a little clue to make sure the wings would not come apart. They are then dried under the sun and finally painted with different color and design.

It’s actually a very sophisticated process since the craftsman has to calculate the length and width of the body as well as the wings very carefully so that the bamboo dragonfly can fly. The decorating process is also very time- consuming as the dragonfly is usually small. However, they are sold with very reasonable price. It’s only about 2.000 VND to 10.000 VND per bamboo dragonfly.

Available in almost all color, from small to big size. And available in many places from big book stores to street vendors. (if lucky, you can find some bamboo butterflies too ^^)

And this is a black dragonfly :)

And this is a black dragonfly 🙂

Hope you can find your own beautiful Vietnamese bamboo dragonfly! ^^

These are some pages where you can read about bamboo dragonfly in Vietnamese:

And this is a Japanese TV program about Vietnamese bamboo dragonfly ^^ (in Japanese for sure :))

Hope you enjoy it! ^^

Fly Vietnam! Fly bamboo dragonfly!!!


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